Lyla’s Story

Lyla was born with hydrocephalus due to having an in utero stroke.  She had a VP shunt placed at two weeks old.  She has many complications due to the stroke including  right sided hemiplegia (Cerebral Palsy), Hemianopsia (Visual Fidle Loss/Half Her Vision), Epilepsy, Sensory Processing Disorder, Precocious Puberty, and Learning Disabilities. Lyla receives physical therapy twice a week, occupational therapy, speech therapy, aqua therapy, and weekly tutoring.  Lyla is ambulatory but wears a daytime afo and wears a night splint on her arm and leg.  She also wears a knee immobilizer at night.  She is on two medications for seizures and travels every three to four months for injections to help with her spastic muscles.  In addition, every summer Lyla travels to Birmingham, Alabama for either OT or PT which include Constraint Induced Movement Therapy and PT Spider Program Therapy.  Lyla is follwed by many medical specialists including a neurosurgeon, neurologist, endrocrinologist, physchitrist, opthalmologist, ortheopedist, and orthodontist.  

Lyla has a beautiful smile and a wonderful skip in her step.  She is such a beautiful young lady with a positive attitude.  


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