Dalton’s Story

Dalton is a six year old boy who was born with severe partial Trisomy 13, a condition that usually results in death within the first hours/weeks of life. Dalton has overcome many obstacles in his short life. Namely, he has had multiple open-heart surgeries and 15+ hospitalizations, with many more obstacles still facing him.

 Dalton has already defied the odds: we were told he would never live; yet he did. We were told he would never walk; yet he runs. We were told he would never speak; yet his speech exceeds his developmental level. Most of all, we never see him without a smile. His potential is so great and we want to do everything we can to help him reach that potential. 

Through the assistance of Bella’s Angels and wonderful friends and family, Dalton has been attending an ABA school where he works forty hours a week on therapy in addition to the outside therapies he receives. And because of the support of our community, we were able to purchase a seizure alert dog. This was a tremendous need because Dalton suffers from severe epilepsy and has multiple seizures every day. This pooch has become an important part of our family and has been instrumental in detecting Dalton’s seizures before they happen.  

“We aren't sure how long Dalton will be with us on this Earth, but we do know that we will give him every opportunity to live the fullest life by getting him the best care available. I am forever grateful for Bella's Angels for giving us the support to make that happen.”  --Dalton’s mother, Kara


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