September 16, 2020
7:00AM - 5:00PM
2020-09-16 7:00AM 2020-09-16 5:00PM America/New_York 7th Annual Newly Named ~ Hundred Hole Marathon Old Marsh Golf Club

7th Annual Newly Named ~ Hundred Hole Marathon

Old Marsh Golf Club
7500 Old Marsh Road
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418


7th Annual Bella’s Angels 100 Hole Marathon

When:             Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Where:            Old Marsh Golf Club, 7500 Old Marsh Road, Palm Beach Gardens


  • Each golfer commits to raising a minimum of $3,000
  • Two-Member team format with a volunteer driving the golf cart for each golfer; Each golfer hits the alternate shot. There could even be a team of four, where two members golf the first 50 holes and the second two members golf the remaining 50 holes.
  • Goal is to have approximately 20 golfers
  • Host the event at a course on the day that it is closed to members/guests; in the past our golfers have played around the grounds crew
  • Start Time: 8 AM – End Time: Approximately 3-4 PM
  • Food to be needed:  Breakfast, Course Snacks & Drinks, Boxed Lunch, Dinner for Golfers, Volunteers, BA Board Members & Buddy Families

Objective:      Each golfer commits to raising funds (a minimum of $3,000) through donations and pledges.  The day of the event, the golfer (along with a partner) will play 100 holes of golf.  They alternate shots and will have a volunteer caddy (in a cart) driving the golfers and transporting their clubs from hole to hole.  The caddy will assist in providing their appropriate club, distance location of the ball, and keeping our golfers hydrated and fed.  They play an important role in this process.  Our approximately 20 golfers and volunteers start the day with a breakfast and then get on the course in the morning and end anywhere from 2-4 pm.  Volunteers will distribute lunch on the course and we finish the day with a celebratory dinner including golfers, spouses, volunteers, our Buddy families and BA board members at a local restaurant.  

To date, Bella’s Angels has raised over $475,000 in the six years of this unique fundraiser.  Our fundraising goal is to raise $35,000 in 2020.  Though it is a tough day, it is so rewarding to know that you are walking in the shoes of our Buddies and helping to provide financial support. 

About Bella’s Angels:  Bella’s Angels is a grassroots 501(c)3 organization founded in 2005 originally in an effort to help Bella Cavallo, who had mounting medical expenses when diagnosed with C.H.A.R.G.E. Syndrome.  Today, our mission is to financially assist local children with life-long physical disabilities, beyond what insurance covers. Bella’s Angels seeks to fill the gap for families who have private insurance and do not qualify for federal funding or may not have the means to financially care for their child’s expenses.  We support families who have children in our local area ranging in ages from 0 til 18 years old. To date, we have assisted twenty-five families with their child’s mounting medical expenses by providing financial support for medical related travel, equipment, therapy, medical co-pays and other expenses related to their disabilities.  For the first six years, Bella’s Angels mirrored their event after the Hundred Hole Hike.  With a new format in 2020, the goal is to recruit up to 20 golfers with two person teams.  Teams could even be created by forming two members to complete 50 holes and two additional members to complete the final 50 holes of golf. 

For additional information or to support Bella’s Angels and the 100 Hole Marathon, please contact Deborah Jaffe at (561) 373-4823 or

Donations can be made in the name of golfers directly to our website by clicking HERE!

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