Logan’s Story 

 Logan was diagnosed with "Truncus Arteriosis" at two days old. He was immediately transferred from NorthWest Medical Center, in Margate, Fl., to Nicklaus Children's Hospital, in Miami Fl.  After extensive testing, it was determined that his rare heart defect was associated with a rare syndrome known as "C.H.A.R.G.E". This syndrome is made up of six defects, in which Logan is affected by only five. To this date, he has undergone a total of 20 surgeries/procedures; three open heart surgeries, seven heart catheterizations, one perforated bowel, one diaphragm plication, one fundoplocation, four feeding tube procedures and three broviac placements. Logan requires the use of oxygen at all times.  He receives 100% of his nutrition solely through a feeding tube that is placed in his stomach from the outside of his belly. 


Two years ago he developed a seizure disorder, that is maintained through medication twice a day.  Logan now attends a local special needs school, Bright Horizons.  They are helping him learn to communicate with a special device to help aid with his frustration of being non-verbal.  He is using a walker at school with the hope that one day, Logan may rely on his walker to get around instead of his wheelchair.  

Though Logan is nonverbal and requires 100% help to do all and any activity, he is a very happy boy who absolutely adores his big sister and being apart of our family’s activities!

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