Camden’s Story

Camden and his twin brother, Nolan, were born in 2011. At 2 days old, Camden was diagnosed with several major heart defects. He had his first heart surgery of a stent placement in the Cath Lab at five days old and did so well that he was able to come home and spend the next four months growing and thriving with Nolan. At four months old Camden had open heart surgery. The surgery went well, however he contracted Varicella in the hospital and, as a result, had a major stroke that left him paralyzed on the left side of his body and suffering from seizures. During his five-month hospitalization recovering from these complications, Camden endured things a parent never wants to see their child go through, such as being placed on a ventilator, numerous blood and IVIG transfusions, multiple chest tubes and multiple visits to the OR for his heart. 
As a result of these devastating complications, Camden developed major motor development issues.  He attends physical and occupational therapy daily. In August 2012, he began to experience seizures.  What began as a few episodes a day quickly transformed into 50-70 seizures a day.  After many months of trying to adjust numerous medications, Camden’s seizures decreased to an average of five a day and have now stopped all together while on the correct medication. 

Camden in his short eight years on this year has had three open heart surgeries, one G-Tube surgery and over fifteen Heart Catherization surgeries.  He has had for the most of his life two to three therapy sessions a day that range from physical, occupational, speech, feeding, aqua, hippo and behavioral therapies.  In addition, he recently was diagnosed with Diabetes.  Fortunately, Camden has a new family member Ziggy who has been trained to help alert his parents when his blood sugar is either too low or too high.  Camden has a long road ahead of him but he is already defying the limits set before him. He brightens the lives of everyone he meets.


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