Gabriel’s Story

Gabriel’s diagnoses limits his ability to communicate, crawl, walk, play and interact, neither diagnosis explains his developmental delay which greatly effects his everyday life.  He has little to no quadriceps muscle making it impossible to bear any weight on his legs without KAFO braces. His family hopes that he has an opportunity to find a walker that he can use as he knows how to take steps but not how to propel a walker forward in the way that he needs to weight shift on straight locked knee braces.  He is weak in all areas and has limited range of motion in all joints.  He has a short attention span and gets frustrated with inability to communicate.  He uses a wheelchair but fatigues easily and his preferred method of mobility is an army crawl type movement when at home.  We are trying to find an effective way for him to communicate but have not had success.  He receives physical, occupational and speech therapy.  In the near future Gabriel will start aqua and hippo therapies as well.  Sometime in the future, he will need clubfoot corrective casting and an additional surgery on his left leg to help straighten it. 

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